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    Russia Russia

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    Central Bank:
    Stock Exchange(s):
    Quotes and Data for Indices and its constituents:
    RTSI · RTST . S&P/RUX Composite Index
    • RTS The RTS Stock Exchange lists leading Russian securities that are of great interest to both domestic and foreign portfolio investors, thus providing the industry with the most important market indicators. The RTS establishes efficient market prices for a wide circle of stocks and bonds, and the trading information is being distributed worldwide through the largest financial information services companies, such as REUTERS, Bloomberg.
    • NEWEX - Deutsche Börse's segment for Central and Eastern-European equities. In the segment NX.plus, the respective companies have chosen to abide by international accounting standards.
    • Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange MICEX

    Profiles for 17 companies in Russian Federation from Wright Investors' Service:

    • RMG - complete coverage of markets, quotes, charts, news.
    • SKRIN - As of now (12/2002), the system contains information on more than 1,500 Russian issuers, over 800 companies use it daily.
    • Bank of Russia Daily Information

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