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    • The Deutsche Bundesbank's Monthly Report deals with subjects from the field of economics that are of national and international interest. These include, in particular, topics relating to monetary and foreign exchange policy and financial and economic policy.
    • The Deutsche Bundesbank Economic Research Centre
      Current research focuses on issues relating to the monetary transmission process, the functioning of the financial systems (including financial markets and financial intermediaries), the transformation process in central and eastern Europe, an analysis of the economic situation and the way in which open economies operate.
    • Commerzbank Economic Research
      Here the macroeconomic trends (economic growth, inflation, etc.), economic policy, especially monetary and fiscal policies, and also long-term interest rates and exchange rates are analysed and forecast for the major regions of the world economy.
    • Deutsche Bank Research
      DB Research takes on the complex task of economic trend research, combining established research methods with new approaches and intensifying interdisciplinary and overarching cooperation both inside and outside Deutsche Bank Group.

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