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    France France

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    • Bourse de Paris / EuroNext
      Upon full completion of Euronext's planned integration process, Euronext will be the first fully integrated, cross-border, European market for equities, bonds, derivatives and commodities. Euronext was created last September [2002] by the merger of the exchanges in Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris in response to growing demand from the market, a political environment favourable to further consolidation in the European capital market, and a desire to capitalise on greater liquidity and lower costs resulting from the introduction of the euro.
    • Le Nouveau Marche

    Profiles for companies in FRANCE from Wright Investors' Service:

    • The French economy - Treasury Department
    • The INSEE's latest conjoncture report, the latest economic indicators and their publication schedule, data from the national accounts and key figures on the French economy are available at the INSEE web site.

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